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At White Pyramid, we emphasize using Egyptian cotton materials so that it can adhere with people with skin problems. White Pyramid contains a wide variety of expert pharmacists & doctors who go out of their way to provide a comfortable and fashionable solution to people.  

​Trust White Pyramid for our elegant Cotton fiber materials!

​Embark on a high quality cotton-filled journey with White Pyramid, a family-made local brand that cares for you! We care for our customers in more ways than you can imagine, and this is why we like to provide them with the type of product alongside a service that they have never imagined before! Get in touch with us or browse through our fine cotton fiber products collection and become a happy user today!

Our Egyptian Cotton products are built from the finest of materials!

You deserve products made from pure Egyptian cotton materials, and we are here to provide you with just that!

Why choose our Egyptian cotton?

You should know that Egyptian cotton is out of this world! Comfort, reliability, and fashion.


All in one material that could blow you away! Egyptian cotton is highly alluring and spectacular, and it contains extra-long fibres of high quality in touch to the skin.


We make sure to provide you with the type of material you want, complete with Egyptian cotton that comes in medical and household clothes. Now get comfort alongside fashion for your worn materials.

Did you know that bed sheets made with Egyptian Cotton help you get a better night’s rest?

Egyptian cotton has a built-in natural temperature quality which helps in giving you comfort.


Your sleep should never be disturbed by your bedsheets being too hot or too cold. When your bed sheets are made from Egyptian cotton linen, you can be relieved that your sleep will not be disturbed as Egyptian cotton can be acquitted with the room’s temperature. 


Egyptian cotton is more breathable, moisture-wicking, and absorbent than typical cotton, which aids in regulating your body temperature, making it excellent for balmy summer nights and all-year comfortable sleeping. This functions by removing moisture from your skin when you are hot, enabling you to cool off. Throughout cooler months, the material deals with your quilt to trap your temperature, communicating it back to you, keeping you cozy and warm all night long.


Egyptian cotton is more powerful than regular old cotton, which also tends to be more lasting and durable. Just one of the reasons why you should pick out bedsheets made out of Egyptian cotton!

Why trust White Pyramid for your household items?

We at White Pyramid provide you with the finest household-worn products that are built with 100% Egyptian cotton materials. A local family business that provides household worn products. We are a passionate local brand that cares for our customers. Get in touch with us today for all of your needs!

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